How to Pick the Right Shoe for the Job

Fitting the proper shoe for your work needs, is just as important as using the proper tool for the job. You wouldn’t try to hammer a nail with a screw driver, and you wouldn’t wear loafers to a job that requires safety footwear. That’s why it’s important to find the proper shoe that fits your working needs.


If you work in modern industrial workplace, where oil and chemicals are a prominent part of your job, the Avenger AMAX is the boot for you. The AMAX, style 7581, is a brand-new style available next month and features aramid fibers that won’t dry out, meaning it’s a shoe that can take a beating and dish it right back. Another rugged boot, perfect for manufacturing, would be our Avenger 7546 or7547 (Brown or Black respectively). These styles are a waterproof, all-leather boot with a reinforced toe and heel for long term wear, a double cushion sockliner with gel pads, plus a Lenzi puncture resistant plate for enhanced protection and flexibility. All these styles use our super lightweight carbon fiber safety toe, making them 40% lighter that a traditional steel toe. So, looking for lightweight support, heavy duty protection, and instant comfort – look no further!


If you work in construction, and are constantly walking back forth, between indoor and outdoor work environments, the Avenger 7506 is the perfect shoe for you. Again, our super lightweight carbon nanofiber composite toe, coupled with our PU wedge outsole, will have you feeling comfortable, confident, and safe.  If you prefer something lighter duty; and don’t require a safety toe, our Avenger 7644, soft toe boot is just right for you. It’s built with a waterproof membrane construction to keep your feet dry when your other boots just won’t cut it. 


If you work mostly indoors, then our Nautilus brand will fit your needs.  Whether you want a hiker or athletic style, it all comes down to personal preference, and Nautilus has both styles. The Nautilus 2114 is a lightweight athletic shoe that comes with all your favorite safety features such as: composite safety toe, electric hazard, and is metal free. As an added feature, it also comes fitted with our slip resistant, Skidbuster outsole. This aggressive slip resistant outsole, is tested for oily/wet standard 0.45 making. Meaning it’s super safe!  No slips and trips in this shoe!  


Maybe all the shoes we have gone through are still too heavy duty for your needs, maybe you only need a safety shoe when you’re on a job-site.  In that case, our Avenger oxford styles 7232/7231 will better fit your needs. Available in both black or brown, and designed to fit into any business environment. It still comes loaded with all of your favorite safety features: steel toe, electric hazard, no exposed metal, and slip resistant.


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