Make a Difference, Every Day, Every Customer

It’s National Customer Service week, and at Footwear Specialties we wanted to remind everyone of the value we put into customer satisfaction, and the importance that we place in our customer support team.  Andrea, the head of our customer support team, has been the engine driving our company’s ability to foster relationships with our customers.


“I believe customer service is always evolving and improving with new technology, personal growth and the relationships we continue to build with our partners. I try to lead the growth in our customer service team by sharing my 15 years of experience working with all of our wonderful customers and their personal needs, as well as cross training my team, so that we are able to fulfill our customer’s needs efficiently and expertly.  We strive every day to increase our knowledge of our customers, in order to understand who they are and what they want from us, as well as increase our product knowledge.”


Andrea knows that in order to keep the loyalty of a customer, demands as much skill, as it does to win one. So, we had to ask her, “What three skills does she value in her team?”


  1. “Treat all inquiries with importance”

All customers are important, but our team does an exceptional job of treating our customers as VIP members to the exclusive FSI club. “Our customers are not a number to us,” we demonstrate that by going above and beyond by providing for our customer’s needs before they ask.


  1. “Gratitude and Patience”

Andrea knows that “without our customers, we have nothing.” She understands the importance of showing gratitude and patience in their voices - even when our customers are frustrated – this skill goes a long way. 


  1. “Celebrate the small things”
It’s easy to get down on yourself when you work in customer support. If our team lets down a customer, they take it personally.  Their job is to please, and Andrea takes it seriously. Lucky for us, Andrea also understands the importance of work place morale, and as a result she promotes excitement and positivity within her team. “We get excited when our customers give us compliments! We share it between ourselves because it lifts our spirits and reminds us why we love our job.”


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